Latex products


Latex Products


- Production of latex foam, in roll or slab of different: densities, sizes, types and hardness to meet our customers' needs;

- Latex foam glueing on various types of materials: cork, textiles, among others;

- Cutting and molding latex foam to your measurements, meeting your requirements.

Latex foam provides cushioning, comfort, protection and durability of components of all types of footwear. Among the various products we produce for this industry there are:

  • 100% natural latex foams;
  • Recycled foams;
  • Latex insoles;
  • Fabric, texon and cork insoles.

  • Adhesive and bi-adhesive application;
  • Shoe inserts of various types;
  • Latex foam friezes;
  • Fabric and texon foam slabs and rolls.

We ensure quality control and are available for any advice you may need. Use, today, our skills and knowledge to have the most economical, effective and profitable latex foam products that meet all your needs.



  • Slippers;

  • Pillow fillings;

  • Latex foam with properties that allow a strong grip, comfort and breathability;

  • Bedroom rugs (with the possibility of color and fabric customization).

Rocker cut with different molds.


  • Cork and latex foam insoles;

  • Cork coated assorted products.


  • Direct application of latex foam in fabric;

  • Direct application of latex foam in cork.