Latex Foams

EAB - Espumas e Artigos de Borracha, Lda main activity is the production of latex foams for the footwear industry. Over the years it has been deversifying its offer, having at the moment the following products:
  • Non-Gel Foams;
  • Gel foams;
  • Thermoforming foams;
  • MemoryFoam;
  • Foams with Recycled and Natural Fillers.
All the products listed above can be supplied in roll or slab and in different densities and hardnesses, in order to satisfy the needs of our customers. We also have the possibility to supply our foams in different supports (fabric, texon, etc.) and with Adhesive and Bi-adhesive.


Technical Components

In addition to the production of foams, E. A. B. cuts technical components for the footwear industry, including:
  • Insoles;
  • Shoe inserts (Type U, Type L, Etc);
  • Etc.
We ensure quality control and we are available for any advice you may need. Use our skills and knowledge today to have the most economical, effective and profitable latex foam products, according to your needs.