Latex Application

Latex foams are often used in joint with other materials. At E. A. B. we apply latex foam directly to some of our customers materials, including:
  • Fabrics;
  • Texon;
  • Cork Fabric;
  • Microfiber;
  • PU foam;
  • Etc.
Note that direct application is dependent on the compatibility between the materials and the latex foam.

Cutting Services

At E. A. B. - Espumas e Artigos de Borracha, Lda, we are prepared to cut technical components for the footwear industry and others. We are equipped with Automatic Cutting Machines, CNC and Cutting Presses.
We can make cuts in different materials, such as:
  • Varied Foams (Latex, PU, EVA, etc.);
  • Cork;
  • Paper / Cardboard;
  • Textiles;
  • Plastics;
  • Etc.